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Your adventure begins in Sandpoint.

The town is recovering from the Goblin raid it suffered during it’s annual Swallowtail Festival on the Equinox. Some favourite hotspots in town are: Savahs Armoury, The Rusty Dragon, The General Store, Feathered Serpent, and Sandpoint Cathedral.

Your organization currently controls a mostly empty shack, “The Von”, which you’ve decided to use as your Base of Operations.

Cost of Living

As none of the adventurers currently have a place to sleep, sleeping arrangement and meals are being purchased at the local Inns. It’s costing each adventurer 1 GP a day (5 sp for lodging, 5 sp for food).


As a large group of adventurers (…who’s organization you’ve yet to name) you may not all be on the same mission at once. When an adventurer is spending time working on their own projects there contributions to the team (or themselves) will be tracked using the Downtime System. You can also spend time in town this way whenever you wish.


Crafting is an advanced topic, but is an important avenue for adventurers to get the resources and magical items they desire.

Character Tools & Guides

Character Tracking

RPG Scribe Pathfinder – iOS
Fight Club – iOS
Pathbuilder – Android
Roll 20 – Android
PCGen – Windows/Mac


PFRPG rd – iOS
PFRPG – Android
Pathfinder Open Reference


Wild Shape (transformation into an Animal) Stats Calculator

Main Page

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