Sandpoint Cathedral

The cathedral is built of plain grey stone, with simple but well-crafted details, and thick buttresses jutting out between stained glass windows.

Inside high arched stone ceilings are supported by thick columns. Six separate chapels surround a large central chamber, which in turn encircles an open courtyard containing seven rough standing stones with a stone altar at its center. Each chapel contains wooden pews, and painted wood panels on the walls depecting events from their God’s past.

There is a restful calm within the building, sunlight casting long beams through the coloured glass windows across the polished flagstone floor.

A plaque outside reads:

In Memory
Victims of Jervis Stoot

Wade Deverin
Arden Russel
Enderak Sorn
Vernah Povali
Samuel Taab
Trent Thorn
Torsten Deverin
Fodor Pagle
Dovid Chuus
Gillington B. Lossiven
Barth Sellers
Norah Quinn
Kalie Magravi
Melville Bartus
Vara Bartus
Stenly Bartus
Lina Hays
Louis Coln
James Little
Clyde Daris
Gregor Kesk
Simon Korvut
Madellin Korvut
Meredith Qui
Liandra Vishtani
Casp Avertin, who gave everything in pursuit of justice

Victims of the Wardienclyffe Fire
Nualia Tobyn
beloved Father Ezakien Tobyn

Sandpoint Cathedral

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