Resting in a natural cove along the cliff-lined Lost Coast region of Varisia, on the edge of the Varisian Gulf, Sandpoint is a medium-sized city that exemplifies the diverse people of the country. While only about thirty miles northeast of the city of Magnimar and technically under its rule, Sandpoint benefits from its isolated position in its ability to remain fairly independent. The most striking feature is the ruined beacon of the city that extends high above the cliffs of the coast, reflecting the ancient empire of Thassilon that existed here centuries before the present town was settled.

Mayor: Kendra Deverin

Points of Interest:

The General Store
The Rusty Dragon
The Hagfish
The White Deer
Risa’s Place
The Pixie’s Kitten
Sandpoint Theater
The Curious Goblin
Savah’s Armoury
Feathered Serpent
Sandpoint Cathedral
Sandpoint Town Hall
Goblin Squash Stables
Sandpoint Garrison
The Old Light


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