D&D In the Closet

The Boar Hunt

"Longest Battle Ever"

Date Date: Rova 24th, 4710


Aldric Pine FĂ©idhlim Reynolds Yiz and Nostarial travel with Aldern Foxglove to Tickwood Forest to partake in a boar hunt. An uneventful trip filled with small talk, but Aldern was impressed with Nostarial’s ability to chase down and slit the throat of a Wild Boar.

The party went back to town and promised to celebrate by dining on Boar for dinner.

They then returned to the road and travelled to the Ravenroost, where Raven’s Watch, an old guard tower, was left standing. Outside, human and dragon tracks were discovered. Inside, the evidence of monster research and some sort of potion making was discovered.

After dispatching a trio of ghouls the adventurers found a Lamashtu worshiping mage and his goblin helper. The goblin, on discovering the adventurers ran, and was impaled through the skull by one of Aldric Pine’s arrows.

The party then fought a long and hard fight with the mage and his two body guard ghouls. The mage informed them that the “dragon had already ingested the serum!”.


A curious map was discovered in the room, near the mage’s place of Lamashtu worship.



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