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All but one.

Date Date: Rova 30th, 4710 to Date: Lamashtan 1st, 4710

After recuperating in town, the party commits minor Goblincide by wiping out the Seven Tooth tribe. After collecting themselves, Aldric uses his survival skills to lead the group out of the woods…

Glassworks and Catacombs of Wraith
Give him Scurvy!

Date Date: Rova 24rd, 4710 to Date: Rova 29rd, 4710

The party enter the glassworks, and fight their way through two dungeons. Lonjiku Kaijitsu is found, murdered by his son, Tsuto. Tsuto captured and turned over to the authorities, Ameiko Kaijitsu rescued.

Tunnels below lead to a strange, ancient dungeon filled with monstrous creatures and an unusual well. A Quasit (flying ugly demon-like creature) is killed, but reveals that dripping a drop of blood into the well conjure a Sinspawn.

The Boar Hunt
"Longest Battle Ever"

Date Date: Rova 24th, 4710


Aldric Pine Féidhlim Reynolds Yiz and Nostarial travel with Aldern Foxglove to Tickwood Forest to partake in a boar hunt. An uneventful trip filled with small talk, but Aldern was impressed with Nostarial’s ability to chase down and slit the throat of a Wild Boar.

The party went back to town and promised to celebrate by dining on Boar for dinner.

They then returned to the road and travelled to the Ravenroost, where Raven’s Watch, an old guard tower, was left standing. Outside, human and dragon tracks were discovered. Inside, the evidence of monster research and some sort of potion making was discovered.

After dispatching a trio of ghouls the adventurers found a Lamashtu worshiping mage and his goblin helper. The goblin, on discovering the adventurers ran, and was impaled through the skull by one of Aldric Pine’s arrows.

The party then fought a long and hard fight with the mage and his two body guard ghouls. The mage informed them that the “dragon had already ingested the serum!”.


A curious map was discovered in the room, near the mage’s place of Lamashtu worship.


Local Heroes
"Should have slept with Aldern!"

Date Date: Rova 23rd, 4710

Aldric Pine Féidhlim Reynolds Yiz and Nostarial explored Sandpoint.

Yiz and Nostarial followed up with Aldern Foxglove and were rewarded for saving his life, and invited to a Boar hunt the following day.

Féidhlim and Aldric cleared a house of a goblin hiding in a boy’s closet, who mutilated the family dog and unfortunately murdered the father before they could get their.

Local investigations picked up some interesting rumours, including talk of dragons.

Father Abstalar Zantus requested the group investigate a suspected grave-robbing in the graveyard. The previous priest’s body was found stolen (and replaced with two animated skeletons) with only a robe left on the crypt floor as a sign of recent activity.

Finally the group explored the Junk Beach at night, and cleared it of Goblins, finding one Goblin to have been carrying a piece of the broken toy they returned to the tribe in Black Fang’s Lair.

Swallowtail Battle
"Chasing Horses"

Date Date: Rova 22nd, 4710

The Goblin raid of Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival causes our group of adventurers to be surrounded by a town in chaos.

Arturia Pendragon and Féidhlim Reynolds, see a defenceless horse chased by two knife wielding goblins and give chase.

Aldric Pine enters the town square in time to see three small goblin warriors jump into view and attack Nostarial and Yiz. A fourth goblin, hiding behind a wagon reveals itself by killing a homeless young boy in fit of violence. The trio defeat the 4 goblins and catch their breath, but not a moment before a wagon full of the flammables meant for that night’s bonfire catches fire.

As the trio decide what to do about the wagon, three torch wielding Goblin Pyros rush forward with a Goblin Warchanter at their rear. Yiz quickly reacts by summoning entangling vines to slow the attackers, and Baloo takes most of the attention as the heroes pepper the monsters with arrows, spells and slashes.

The trio make their way to the Northern gate of Sandpoint, alerted by a scream of “help”, to find a nobleman (later to introduce himself as Aldern Foxglove) hiding while his pet hunting dog defends him. In front of the dog is a Goblin Commando, riding in a filthy beast known as a Goblin dog (not related to dogs at all). The goblin commando runs the dog down, and 3 hiding Goblins come forth.

One Goblin is started as Yiz lights the barrel he was hiding behind on fire, only to be impaled by a speeding arrow as he left his cover by a snipe by Aldric Pine.

The goblins are quickly dispatched, and the Goblin Commando rides in and other of combat, trying to do as much damage as he can to the heroes.

After finally dispatching the Commando, the trio meet up with Aldern Foxglove, who asks them to meet them in the The Rusty Dragon where he can provide a better reward. He directs most of his attention on Nostarial, focusing on her efforts and impressiveness.

The priest, Father Abstalar Zantus and the mayor Kendra Deverin are both very busy cleaning up the carnage left over, so the trio decide to check out the Rusty Dragon (where they meet Ameiko Kaijitsu), where Aldern is no-where to be found.

Finally they retire to the The Hagfish, where they are given free drinks, and offered services by townsfolk for their heroism.

Black Fang's Retreat and the Swallowtail Festival
"I don't care about the deep throat festival..."

Date: Rova 1stDate: Rova 22nd, 4710

Arturia Pendragon, Erubadhron, Sheyvorth, Yiz and Yiz confront Black Fang (a young Black Dragon) in his lair. Arturia and ‘Eru’ are blasted with a giant Acid attack from the dragon which knocks ‘Eru’ out. Arturia’s Energy Heart saves her.

After doing significant damage to the monster, it retreats by flying out of the cave, leaving it’s small treasure hoard to the adventurers.

On their way out of the cave they notice the Goblins are gone, and a map of Sandpoint left in their wake.

They return to town (with ‘Eru’ slumped over Ixion the horse) to identify scrolls, rest up, and make some side cash and collect their reward from Kendra Deverin.

Two Weeks Later

On the morning of the Swallowtail Festival the group awakens to find the windows smashed in the Von and a fist hastily painted on the wall, with a letter pinned below: "E.T., the initials being the only thing written in the letter.

Arturia Pendragon, Féidhlim Reynolds, Nostarial and Yiz go off to explore the town as the festival begins. They talk to Kendra Deverin and Belor Hemlock and inquire more about what happened during the “late unpleasantness” five years ago.

After playing some carnival games and eating a quick lunch the head priest Father Abstalar Zantus threw a thunderstone on the stage to get the crowd’s attention.

This was, seemingly, also the queue for the town of Sandpoint to be raided by a enormous mob of Goblins

Goblins chew and goblins bite.
Goblins cut and goblins fight.
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
Goblins eat and take by force!

Goblins race and goblins jump.
Goblins slash and goblins bump.
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!

Chase the baby, catch the pup.
Bonk the head to shut it up.
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We be goblins! You be food!
— The “Goblin Song” chanted as the Goblins raided Sandpoint


The Shepard's Crosier
"Backstabbing the Backstabber"

Date: Rova 1stDate: Rova 2nd, 4710

Féidhlim Reynolds, Alric Pine and “Dwarfy” (no one quite knows his full name) take a Job from a unusual man named Eberius Tauranor in the Hag fish bar.

He asks them to “retrieve” the Sheherd’s Crosier from the a crypt in the Mausoleum outside of town, warning them of the “Bloody Knuckles” gang in town.

The trio detected they were being watched as they entered the crypt, but confronting the smooth talking spy didn’t accomplish much.

After entering the crypt, dispatching some nasty spiders and retrieving both the Crosier and a look-alike, they were ambushed by the Bloody Knuckles.

One scurried away, frightened by the intimidating threats of Aldric, the remaining fought to the death.

After returning to town, the group demanded additional gold from Eberius Tauranor and provided the quest giver with the fake Crosier.

Notable Items:
The Shepard’s Crosier, +1 Feathered Shield

Entering Black Fang's Dungeon
Easy Skeletons

Date: Rova 1st, 4710

Alric escorted his travelling companions Arturia, Erubadhron, Nostarial, Shevorth & Yiz towards Black Fang’s Dungeon. Yiz steers the party through the woods with a known shortcut.

After Arturia detected a Goblin ambush by two weak Goblins at the entrance, the group entered.


A fountain covered in ancient runes in the center of the cave was discovered, each character threw a few Gold coins in it and seemed to be blessed by the God Desna (after Nostarial read the runic instructions).

Yiz decided to try the diplomatic route with a large group of arguing Goblins and they asked the group to help them find a toy dragon in the cave.

Arturia and Erubadhron avoided the fire traps of a room and retrieved a magical ruby called ENERGY HEART.

ENERGY HEART: Worth 1000 gp. The first time each day that you take acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, the gem reduces the amount by 10 points (minimum damage is 0).


The group went on together to defeat a Giant Spider which tried to ambush them, retrieve the Goblin’s lost toy from the remains in the Spider’s nest.

Nostarial read ancient rules on a pillar as they explored deeper which said the words “Water” on all sides.

Erubadhron touched one of the symbols, while his companions touched the rest, as all 4 sides were activated a magical blessing washed upon Erubadhron allowing him to breath underwater for a short time.

Erubadhron and Arturia crossed a small lake to get to an island where a shiny object was spotted. They were attacked by a Reefclaw hiding in the waters. After it was disposed they retrieved a the +1 Dragon-Bane Longsword (which was identified by Erubadhron).

X +1 Dragon-Bane Longsword : Worth ? (not yet appraised). This +1 longsword grants a +1 bonus on its attack and damage rolls, and is even more powerful when used to fight dragons. Against dragons, the sword adds a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls (instead of +1), and deals +2d6 damage (1d8 + strength modifier + 2d6). This extra damage isn’t multiplied on a critical hit.

They returned the toy to the Goblins who quickly found a way to destroy it, and moved onto a 2 ft wall where they suspected Black Fang resided. Yiz threw her grappling hook to the top, and each adventurer climbed. Shevorth retracted her natural claws and used them to help her climb, landing at the top with a fancy flourish.

The three undead skeletons at the top eventually noticed the huge group in front of them and rushed forward. They were quickly disposed of.

Notable Items:
Energy Heart, +1 Dragon-Bane Longsword


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