D&D In the Closet

The Shepard's Crosier

"Backstabbing the Backstabber"

Date: Rova 1stDate: Rova 2nd, 4710

F√©idhlim Reynolds, Alric Pine and “Dwarfy” (no one quite knows his full name) take a Job from a unusual man named Eberius Tauranor in the Hag fish bar.

He asks them to “retrieve” the Sheherd’s Crosier from the a crypt in the Mausoleum outside of town, warning them of the “Bloody Knuckles” gang in town.

The trio detected they were being watched as they entered the crypt, but confronting the smooth talking spy didn’t accomplish much.

After entering the crypt, dispatching some nasty spiders and retrieving both the Crosier and a look-alike, they were ambushed by the Bloody Knuckles.

One scurried away, frightened by the intimidating threats of Aldric, the remaining fought to the death.

After returning to town, the group demanded additional gold from Eberius Tauranor and provided the quest giver with the fake Crosier.

Notable Items:
The Shepard’s Crosier, +1 Feathered Shield



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