D&D In the Closet

Swallowtail Battle

"Chasing Horses"

Date Date: Rova 22nd, 4710

The Goblin raid of Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival causes our group of adventurers to be surrounded by a town in chaos.

Arturia Pendragon and FĂ©idhlim Reynolds, see a defenceless horse chased by two knife wielding goblins and give chase.

Aldric Pine enters the town square in time to see three small goblin warriors jump into view and attack Nostarial and Yiz. A fourth goblin, hiding behind a wagon reveals itself by killing a homeless young boy in fit of violence. The trio defeat the 4 goblins and catch their breath, but not a moment before a wagon full of the flammables meant for that night’s bonfire catches fire.

As the trio decide what to do about the wagon, three torch wielding Goblin Pyros rush forward with a Goblin Warchanter at their rear. Yiz quickly reacts by summoning entangling vines to slow the attackers, and Baloo takes most of the attention as the heroes pepper the monsters with arrows, spells and slashes.

The trio make their way to the Northern gate of Sandpoint, alerted by a scream of “help”, to find a nobleman (later to introduce himself as Aldern Foxglove) hiding while his pet hunting dog defends him. In front of the dog is a Goblin Commando, riding in a filthy beast known as a Goblin dog (not related to dogs at all). The goblin commando runs the dog down, and 3 hiding Goblins come forth.

One Goblin is started as Yiz lights the barrel he was hiding behind on fire, only to be impaled by a speeding arrow as he left his cover by a snipe by Aldric Pine.

The goblins are quickly dispatched, and the Goblin Commando rides in and other of combat, trying to do as much damage as he can to the heroes.

After finally dispatching the Commando, the trio meet up with Aldern Foxglove, who asks them to meet them in the The Rusty Dragon where he can provide a better reward. He directs most of his attention on Nostarial, focusing on her efforts and impressiveness.

The priest, Father Abstalar Zantus and the mayor Kendra Deverin are both very busy cleaning up the carnage left over, so the trio decide to check out the Rusty Dragon (where they meet Ameiko Kaijitsu), where Aldern is no-where to be found.

Finally they retire to the The Hagfish, where they are given free drinks, and offered services by townsfolk for their heroism.


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