D&D In the Closet

Local Heroes

"Should have slept with Aldern!"

Date Date: Rova 23rd, 4710

Aldric Pine Féidhlim Reynolds Yiz and Nostarial explored Sandpoint.

Yiz and Nostarial followed up with Aldern Foxglove and were rewarded for saving his life, and invited to a Boar hunt the following day.

Féidhlim and Aldric cleared a house of a goblin hiding in a boy’s closet, who mutilated the family dog and unfortunately murdered the father before they could get their.

Local investigations picked up some interesting rumours, including talk of dragons.

Father Abstalar Zantus requested the group investigate a suspected grave-robbing in the graveyard. The previous priest’s body was found stolen (and replaced with two animated skeletons) with only a robe left on the crypt floor as a sign of recent activity.

Finally the group explored the Junk Beach at night, and cleared it of Goblins, finding one Goblin to have been carrying a piece of the broken toy they returned to the tribe in Black Fang’s Lair.



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