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Entering Black Fang's Dungeon

Easy Skeletons

Date: Rova 1st, 4710

Alric escorted his travelling companions Arturia, Erubadhron, Nostarial, Shevorth & Yiz towards Black Fang’s Dungeon. Yiz steers the party through the woods with a known shortcut.

After Arturia detected a Goblin ambush by two weak Goblins at the entrance, the group entered.


A fountain covered in ancient runes in the center of the cave was discovered, each character threw a few Gold coins in it and seemed to be blessed by the God Desna (after Nostarial read the runic instructions).

Yiz decided to try the diplomatic route with a large group of arguing Goblins and they asked the group to help them find a toy dragon in the cave.

Arturia and Erubadhron avoided the fire traps of a room and retrieved a magical ruby called ENERGY HEART.

ENERGY HEART: Worth 1000 gp. The first time each day that you take acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, the gem reduces the amount by 10 points (minimum damage is 0).


The group went on together to defeat a Giant Spider which tried to ambush them, retrieve the Goblin’s lost toy from the remains in the Spider’s nest.

Nostarial read ancient rules on a pillar as they explored deeper which said the words “Water” on all sides.

Erubadhron touched one of the symbols, while his companions touched the rest, as all 4 sides were activated a magical blessing washed upon Erubadhron allowing him to breath underwater for a short time.

Erubadhron and Arturia crossed a small lake to get to an island where a shiny object was spotted. They were attacked by a Reefclaw hiding in the waters. After it was disposed they retrieved a the +1 Dragon-Bane Longsword (which was identified by Erubadhron).

X +1 Dragon-Bane Longsword : Worth ? (not yet appraised). This +1 longsword grants a +1 bonus on its attack and damage rolls, and is even more powerful when used to fight dragons. Against dragons, the sword adds a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls (instead of +1), and deals +2d6 damage (1d8 + strength modifier + 2d6). This extra damage isn’t multiplied on a critical hit.

They returned the toy to the Goblins who quickly found a way to destroy it, and moved onto a 2 ft wall where they suspected Black Fang resided. Yiz threw her grappling hook to the top, and each adventurer climbed. Shevorth retracted her natural claws and used them to help her climb, landing at the top with a fancy flourish.

The three undead skeletons at the top eventually noticed the huge group in front of them and rushed forward. They were quickly disposed of.

Notable Items:
Energy Heart, +1 Dragon-Bane Longsword


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